Inteligis provides a large range of topographical services, on site measurement and data processing, carried out by highly qualified surveyors who benefit of modern equipment.

The main types of works carried out are the following:

o Geodetic Surveys
o Topographic Surveys
o Cadastral Surveys
o Boundary Surveys
o Transportation and Utility Route Surveys
o Civil and Industrial Construction Surveying
o Monitoring of Buildings Deformation Vertically and Horizontally
o GIS Surveys and Mapping

Our surveyors edit and analyze data collected on site in order to obtain a more complete coverage and higher accuracy.

Once data are collected, they are processed by computer in order to carry out analysis, adjustments and rigorous calculations, and to elaborate reports or plot drawings.

The surveyors use modern equipment, among which:

o GPS - 3 receivers with real time measurement (LEICA SR 530 - 2 pcs., LEICA SR 300 - 1 pc.);

o Electronic-optical survey total stations - 4 pcs. (LEICA TCR 407 - 2 pcs, ZEISS REC/ELTA - 2 pcs.);

o Walkie- talkie - MOTOROLA - 12 pcs.;

o Cars - 4 pcs.

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