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High resolution satellite imageries processing

The first high resolution satellite imageries became available for the public in the commercial meaning once the IKONOS satellite was launched in September 1999.

Since the very beginning, our company was able to foresee the advantages of using high resolution satellite imagery for areas such as: Urban development planning, Cadastral maps management, bringing up to date the topographical maps at the specific scales, disaster management, agriculture, forest development and others.

We have been carrying out and we are still performing an intense campaign for promoting the utilization of 1 m and below 1 m per pixel resolution satellite imagery, their efficiency being at the maximum especially for wide area.


In what regards the maximum optimization of this product, in the form that we are presenting it to our clients, taking into account the Romanian market in particular, we have developed our own orthorectification system for the satellite imageries using a world known software and project-based methods, applied when and where necessary by our team of specialists. In this manner we are able to obtain semnificant decrease of the costs, which leads to important decrease of the price for the final product.

Among the most important projects developed and accomplished by Inteligis we would like to mention about the updating and completing topographic plans at 1:5000 scale used for the General Urban Plans. This particular project already includes over 3.700 sqkm, representing approximate 64% of the total area of the county.

Besides the projects mentioned above, we have also developed and completed GIS data sets starting from IKONOS 1 meter resolution satellite imageries for some of the cities in the United States of America, and we could count the cities of Moore, Durant and Sapulpa, all from the Oklahoma state and for the city of Maumee, OH. The Moore Project was a consequence of the tornado that affected the city in the year 2000. Currently we are involved in the development of an urban GIS for the City Hall of the city of Toledo together with our partner from the United States of America, Dr. Christopher Shove.

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