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GIS & CAD Products

Inteligis offers GIS integrated solutions as a result of a feasibility study completed for the contractors by our experts and application specialists, in order to convey their concepts and needs of exploiting such a system into an optimal structure of the application. At the same time we are considering the following factors: material organizational and technological possibilities on the basis of customers' existing resources and knowledge. In this way we are able to find the most reliable and cost-effective solution resulting from all these parameters starting from the graphic data which will be used and database system to the functions that will meet all the required performance.

It is important to mention that we offer GIS solutions for standard platforms within this range, as well as adapted applications on customer needs, or combined solutions if necessary. Our company can provide any of these items in standard output formats (AutoDesk, Bentley, ESRI, MapInfo, Access, Oracle, SQL Server) by customer's request so that he can use them accordingly to his own targets.

Paleta de GIS and Cad Services:
•  Conversion between different formats;
•  Data import from blue-print plan;
•  GIS Consultancy, data base design;
•  Digital plans/maps production;
•  DEM production.

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