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Carthographic production through stereorestitution

The department of Digital Photogrammetry is completely equipped with all the necessary kits aerial imagery processing for the completion of digitized maps by stereorestitution.

Our specialists are working on very high performance photogrammetric stations, on which they operate to orientate the photogrammetric images in order for stereoscopic visualization. We use in this operation the photogrammetric processing suite Delta 32 produced by the “Scientific Production Enterprise "GeoSystem"”. The quality features of this specific software are guaranteed by the fact that it is the result of many years of research of a university with tradition.

People with a very good training and a wide experience in operating and interpreting aerial photography compose our team of specialists.

Using this technology we are accomplishing good quality altimetric and planimetric maps, orthophoto and digital elevation models (DEM).

Both Romanian companies and institutions and also foreign partners appreciate the quality and accuracy level of the digital photogrammetry projects that we have been and still are working together on. In our portfolio there are such works, with accuracies between 1:10000 scale and 1:500 scale.



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